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My Tiny Horse Track in the Fall

I thought it was time for another horse track post. We put together the track in May of this year. My dry lot is just so big and was growing too much grass this spring. After Bonnie’s laminitis attacks I just didn’t want the horses on ANY grass until I could determine it was safe. And in my opinion, short, stressed grass – like the kind that grows in the dry lot – is never safe. So my boys and I went out and spent an entire day pounding posts and stringing up electric rope.


The horses have all been on the track 24/7 all summer and they are looking so great! The biggest change is Captain Planet. Because I hide forage all around the track, they are encouraged to walk and trot around with their heads down, looking for goodies. This has improved Captain’s top line immensely!

The photo on the left was taken this spring before I put in the horse track and roached his mane. The photo on the right was taken later this summer after a few weeks living on the track. And I roached his mane! He is looking so great!!

Just a week ago I found out that my friend and neighbor is planning on moving and is re-homing all her horses. I had given her a mare that belonged to my Grandmother so decided to bring her home. There are now 5 horses living on the track, moving and foraging. I am amazed at how Essie is looking after just one week on the track! I will post a before and after once she’s been out there for a month.

We are experiencing lots of rain and snow already here in Montana so the track is muddy. This isn’t slowing anyone down! In fact, with Essie here, they are all trotting and cantering more than usual. They still have their large gravel area so they can get out of the muck and of course the shed offers shelter when the wind is howling.

I am using one of the stalls in my hay shed row as a run-in shelter as well. I have ordered a tarp for the roof and the boys and I will be putting up wood as a wind break. Then I can put some sawdust in there to help with all the mud.

I made a video today to show how everything is evolving. There will be some changes before winter. The snow piles up around the round pen panels so I have to take them out of the track. I will be replacing them with electric rope, where I can, as well as a few of the 16 foot cattle panels. Hopefully we have a bit more time before the big snow settles in!

I would say the track system has been a big hit around here. I know people either love it or hate it… I am in the “love” it column!!

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