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What's going on with the KBikes this year, 2024?

I am getting emails nearly every day asking about the KBikes:

Are we still building them? Why can't I order a KBike RIGHT NOW?

When can I order a KBike? How do I order a KBike?

Can I come to your house, drive your ponies and try a KBike?

Are we still building them?

We are still making the KBikes! We make 1-2 batches per year. This year has just begun, and we can't work in our garage until the weather gets a bit nicer. There isn't any insulation and it leaks. lol.

Our spring batch of Bikes should be ready for pre-order in either April or May 2024. If you are on the wait list you will receive an email letting you know the Bikes are live and ready to order on my other website. After about 5 days of giving the people on the wait list first dibs, I will post over on Facebook that they are ready to order. We cap the batches at 30 bikes. Once we have 30 orders, we close down the option for ordering, and no one will be able to order Bikes again, from us, until the next batch.

Why can't I order a KBike right now?

My husband and I both work full time jobs. I work from home, but he does not. We can not have bikes available for purchase all the time because:

  • we don't have space to store the number of seats, wheels, tires, hardware, bike frames and shafts it would take to fill those orders.

  • we don't have the time or energy to build bikes every single moment we aren't working. It's crazy how these things have a way of taking over your life.

When can I order a KBike?

If you are on the wait list you will receive an email when we are ready to start the pre-order process. We cap the batches at 30 bikes. Once 30 bikes are sold we mark them out of stock and start the process of building them, quality checking all the parts and pieces, packaging them and shipping them. If you are not on the wait list, you may see an announcement on Facebook 5 days after I send out the emails to all those who ARE on the wait list. If we sell all 30 bikes to those on the wait list, I will not make an announcement on Facebook.

How do I order a KBike?

When things are ready to rock and roll I will make the KBikes in-stock over on this website:

When the Bikes are ready to order all the options will show up on that website.

We can not make the footbaskets at this time. Our fabricator is just too expensive to make them affordable for you all and the shipping process is getting super pricey. We don't see a way to make them easier to ship.

Can I come to your house, driver your ponies, and try a KBike?

This is a hard no. Even if I still had my ponies I would not allow this. I never let just anyone drive my ponies. Also, I did not allow people to bring their ponies and drive my bike. This is just to cover my own ass-ets. lol. I don't know you or your pony. I don't know the type of training the pony has had. I don't know if it will be alright having a vehicle so close. I don't know if you will hitch the pony and then proceed to gallop all over the pasture. So, the answer to this would have been no.

It's definitely no now because, my beloved ponies live in Texas with my friend Marion and her Handsome Hubby. They are happy and loved and Oliver is learning to pull his own bike. Zorro is enjoying the warmer weather, and being driven often. Marion keeps me in the loop all the time. My heart is happy that they are so well cared for.

Just because I don't have my ponies, and am not driving does not mean I am no longer involved in any way. I still work for Chimacum, troubleshooting, taking orders, updating and writing the website descriptions and the blogs, answering the phone and the emails, sending orders to the harness maker, the blacksmith, Bowman bits, etc. THIS is my full time job. We will build KBikes on the side for a few years to come at the very least.

It breaks my heart that the cart industry is losing some of the greats - the Hyperbike, The Frey carts, Patty's Pony Place vehicles (hopefully Kelly will be back up and running before too long. They had a fire and lost all the tools of the trade.) There just aren't that many to choose from that fit the minis and small ponies. You can count on the KBike!

Not only are we making the KBikes here in the USA but there is a gal in Canada now making them as well!! Barb Charalambides is currently working on her first batch of KBikes. She is a master welder herself and has an amazing shop she works in. So keep an eye out for her if you are in Canada. I will share her contact info when she has it all up and running! Below is Barb's Testimonial on my KBike Testimonial page:

So, if you are not on the KBike wait list, please email me at and ask to be put on it. I'll need your actual first and last name, as well as an active email address.

Thank you all for your interest in the KBikes and for your support!!

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