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My Tiny Track in the Summer Time

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I like to do updates of the track through the seasons. It has changed a bit over the last year. It’s fun to see the differences.

I have big plans for my track system when we move over to our own property:

  1. I would like to scrape the track, add some pea gravel, some sand, have a dirt hill.

  2. I would like NO GRASS to grow on my track.

  3. I would like the fencing on the outside and the inside of the track to be permanent fencing, no more electric!

  4. I would like a tack shed where I can keep my carts and harnesses out with the horses instead of having them take up room in our garage.

I have so many plans!

But this is my track for now and the horses seem to enjoy living on it.

I do talk in this video so if you’re at work turn down the volume!

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