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My Top Nine!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I love the Instagram Top Nine idea. It’s so fun to see what the top liked posts are in your feed. I don’t do a personal instagram anymore so I thought I would just go through my 2018 photos and pick my own top nine or ten or fifteen… Plus this will be a fun way to go through 2018 🙂

In 2018 Zorro got his first harness, the MaraFUN SuperFUN harness in Neon Green and Hurricane Blue!


He is quite proprietary about this harness and knows it’s HIS. If I use it on another horse he has quite a fit. I love that he loves to come out and play!

Sky and I went on a camping/trail driving trip with the Ten Mile Drivers last spring. It was such a wonderful trip and one I would like to repeat this year with Mikey! This one deserves two photos because Sky also overcame an entire lifetime’s fear of water during this trip! She will now drink out of live streams and willingly crosses all water.

Sky started driving in an open bridle this year.


We didn’t do it for very long because we also got a… HYPERBIKE! This is our Hyperbike Smile!!


Mikey came to live with us. I restarted him driving and he continues to be a total rock star and a natural. He flew through the ground work and is now pulling the easy entry cart, the Hyperbike and the sled!


I had to say goodbye to my sweet Bonnie. I have a Bonnie sized hole in my heart and miss her every single day.


Zorro was in his first parade and totally ROCKED it! He was a unicorn and made a little girl’s day when she thought he was a ‘real’ unicorn (which of course we all know he IS!!) My BBF Teresa lead him in the parade and we went hiking with the ponies as well. They carried our water and lunches 🙂

I attended my first Combined Driving Event in Washington State with my new bosses, Maren and Janie Amdal of Chimacum Tack!! Whoot whoot! So yes I also got a new job this year. One that makes me so happy to get up every day and go to work. I can’t believe I get paid to do what I love!

For Mikey’s official 3rd drive I hauled him and Sky into town so we could drive with some friends of ours, Rachel and Sue. It was an awesome day!! Sue rode Flinn and young quarter horse gelding and all did so well. It’s such a blessing to have friends that are so fun!


There was a Halloween drive with the Ten Mile Drivers club, lots of little drives with Mikey, plans to attend clinics at the Frasier School of Driving (which I am hoping to get to do this year!) and dressing up for Christmas. All-in-all it was a very busy 2018 and though I put all the high points here there were plenty of low points in my personal life. But with my phrase for 2019 and a positive attitude I am looking forward into this new year!

Shine Your Light into 2019!!

And thank you for all the lessons 2018…

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