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Rest In Peace Bonnie

It has been a very difficult last few weeks for Bonnie. She has become progressively more lame and in more pain. She has been laying down most of the day. The light went completely out of her eyes in the last week. I had to make the decision to let her go.

Please know that this was very difficult for me. I tried so hard to help her, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Her food was completely regulated. She had padded boots, 3 different pairs, she had a shed with lots of shavings (where she spent most of her time) and she had medicine and herbs and homeopathics and essential oils and lots of love and attention. There is only so much I could do for her and it turned out nothing I did was enough.


Bonnie was the sweetest horse. She would give me kisses and snuggles. She nickered at me every time she saw me, even when she was laying down. She tried to show me how she could trot and play when she felt good. She loved getting her body work done by Heidi Chretien and if Heidi was working on another horse sometimes Bonnie would try to wiggle between them.

Bonnie loved being brushed and being fussed over. And she REALLY loved cookies. For the last few days she has had all the cookies she could eat. Today she got to go out and eat grass. She was in heaven and had the best day today.


I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Sue Geske for coming all the way out to my house to help Bonnie cross over. She was so awesome. And another thank you to Rachel and Glenn for being there for moral support as I cried my eyes out. Bonnie went so peacefully.

I took Sky and Zorro out to say goodbye and Sky spent some time smelling Bonnie’s face. Zorro thoroughly smelled every inch of her. They just stayed by her eating the grass and going over to smell her some more. We couldn’t leave her out there because of predators so my Handsome Hubby buried her for me this evening. Poor Sky is still calling to her now and again. When I’m out there she follows me around like a puppy dog and wants lots of kisses and snuggles. I know it will take a few days for everyone to settle down.


Losing a beloved pet is so hard. It’s just heart breaking, but I am so glad that we have the ability to end their pain in this way.

And I’m so glad that she no longer has to live in pain. Rest in Peace Bonnie.

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