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Scoot Boot Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

I feel like it's not totally fair to leave a review about these boots since they don't fit exactly right. They are a bit too big. But I know some people are wondering about them so will do my best with the information I've gathered so far.

These boots are just enough too big that we can't do more than walk in them. If he trots or canters they fly off. So take this review with a grain of salt!

Here is the video I watched before I went out and tried the boots on Zorro:

I wanted to understand how the boots should fit and also how to put them on. They seem simple enough, slip that strap over the little button... BUT I find them VERY hard to put on. I have watched this video over and over.

Here is another video I watched. I watched this one WHILE I was putting the boots on:

Zorro has worn the Scoot Boots for about 40 miles or so. The first day he wore them with the dampening pads that come with the Equine Fusion boots, but to be honest, the pads are a little small. The second day he started out with a felt pad insert, but I noticed he wasn't walking 100% straight so I stopped and checked him at a mile into our walk and he had a decent rub right where the screw is that holds the pastern strap on his left front foot. So I removed the felt pads and he finished that walk without any pads. The boots were definitely a bit too loose without any pads.

These are the smallest Scoot Boots offered (to date, as of April 29, 2021). They are planning to make some smaller sizes and I hope they do it soon! Zorro measures:

  • Left Front: 2 7/8" wide x 3 1/4" wide

  • Right Front: 2 7/8" wide x 3 1/4" wide

  • Left Hind: 2 3/4" wide x 2 7/8" wide

  • Right Hind: 2 3/4" wide x 3" long

So, fairly "normal" measurements for a small pony or large mini. Zorro is 40" tall, for further reference. His feet are not small and they are not large. I would say they are normal! He wears a size 8 Regular in the Equine Fusion Boots and a size 3 in the Easyboot Minis.

The smallest boots only fit on his fronts and only if I have the dampening pads in them. The 6mm comfort pads from EasyCare do not work in the boots as they are a touch too fat and cause rubbing at that screw. I'm not 100% happy with that screw. Even with the little gators they send with the boots, that screw still rubs right at the back of the heel.

I have been trying to switch between the Equine Fusion Trekking boot and the Scoot Boots every other walk. Sometimes I forget though so the Equine Fusion Trekking boots have a bit more miles on them... Here is the review on the Trekking Shoe!

It has taken me some practice to get the straps to close on the toes and the pastern straps. I found them VERY frustrating and Zorro doesn't like them either so picks up his foot and tries to pull it away. I know there must be a trick but I haven't figured it out yet... So as far as being easy to put on I would say NO. I'm sure on the big horse boots that strap is easier to pop over those toe screws, but in the small size they are just not easy at all. I use a hoof pick to get the strap to slip over the screw head and I struggle.

My go-to boots are the Equine Trekking boots right now!

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