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Sledding with the KBike!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Yesterday we finally got to put the snow mobile skis on the Kbike! It was so much fun to sled around with it. Zorro has had several months off so we kept things short and sweet. No sense in wearing him out for my enjoyment...

It's super easy to switch the wheels for the skis. The video is below.

I found myself laughing and giggling as we cantered around. So. Much. Fun!!!

These skis are wide and lightweight. The pony must be moving forward to get the bike to balance correctly. When you stop the seat wants to tip back and makes the shaft ends pop UP. So be careful if you are using these. Use your body to help keep the shaft ends down where they belong.

Because the skis are so wide they just float over the ground. We don't have much snow but they worked great with what we have! He even popped me up and over some rocks that were under the skiff of snow and it didn't slow him down at all.

These are going to be so awesome when we get more snow this winter!

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