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The Beginning of Our Track!

Oh I am so excited!!! I finally could afford the solar powered charger, hot wire and insulators to put together part of my track! This side is for the girls, Sky and Chantelle. When Zorro is done being a stud then I can put all the ponies out on it together and the boys will help move the girls around. I am going to hide hay around the track to encourage movement as well! I’m so excited about all the things we can do on this little track system.

Bonnie will have to stay in the dry lot until the grass is completely dead along the track. That will happen when I can put more ponies on it, when the weather gets hot and as I dig some of it up with a shovel! I am going to be super proactive about getting rid of all of it.

For now I’ll let the girls out at night. It’s supposed to warm up next week then I’ll have to adjust their time out there until most of the grass is dead. But at least they are out there trotting around!

As I add things to it, plant herb planters and make adjustments I will update my blog to share what I’m learning. I can’t wait to build a bigger one out on our 5 acres in a few years!!

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