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Time to catch up with you all!

Boy! It's been so long since I've posted I almost forgot how to do it! LOL!

Now that I'm here I am excited to share what's been going on with you all:

  1. We moved.

  2. We bought a house.

  3. We moved again!

First, we went on hiatus with our KBike production due to circumstances out of our hands ---> we were asked to move out, given 3 weeks, had to take down ALL the permanent fencing, move all three sheds and pack and store all our things. It was a whirlwind. I was exhausted.

In December we signed on a house, purchasing our first house in over 14 years! Both Handsome Hubby and I are so excited. We've been renting since we moved to Madison County. Owning our own home is such a dream come true for us.

What exactly does this mean for me, Mindy PonyPrincess?

  1. I don't have the ponies anymore. I gave them to my best friend, Molly. You've all seen her here on this blog multiple times. She loves my boys and will give them the best home.

  2. I DO still work for Chimacum Tack. So when you call or email you will still be talking with me. I'll repeat - I DO STILL WORK FOR CHIMACUM TACK.

  3. Handsome Hubby and I WILL still be making the KBikes. However, the garage here is unfinished and in no condition to work in. Especially with temps down around minus 15 degree fahrenheit. The roof leaks, I have snow on my car after every storm. It has ZERO insulation, in fact there are gaps in the walls so you can see outside. It's just not ready for us to work in there.

  4. Not only is the garage unfinished, it is on the steepest incline in our little mountain town, and it would be nearly impossible to back a trailer up the incline, then jack-knife it into our driveway. The tools we need to make the KBikes are rather heavy, and not something either myself, or Handsome Hubby, want to try to get up into the garage by hand. We will need to trailer the tools and such up there with a truck. So, we wait for some warmer weather! The road is extremely icy. I have fallen numerous times. (and now have two sets of yack tracks to help me get around up here!)

What does this mean for YOU the KBike customer?

  1. We WILL be making the KBikes again... but patience is needed. May is our goal. We both feel we can have things set up enough to get going again in May 2023. So three months from now.

  2. We WILL be making the KBikes again... but patience is needed. May is our goal.

  3. We WILL Be making the KBikes again... May is our goal.

I will say it one more time - WE WILL BE MAKING KBIKES AGAIN - MAY 2023 IS OUR GOAL.

For some reason, I have been receiving more and more emails and messages on Facebook saying someone is telling people that I will no longer be making KBikes. I have no idea who this person is but can tell you, straight from the horse's mouth, that we will be making KBikes again! So, if you see this rumor please direct them to this blog post. If you are interested in purchasing a KBike please reach out to me and ask to be added to the wait list. I'll need your name and email address.

Samson and I have been exploring our area as well. Finding all the great little trails buried in the snow. Many, many more will appear as the snow melts.

I know people have been worried about me and worry a great deal about the fact that I no longer have ponies. However, I am happy. I am content. I am enjoying this peaceful, simple life.

When I say we bought a house in town, people tend to leap to the conclusion that we are now living in some kind of city. Though this is called a 'city' it is actually a ghost town. It is extremely quiet in the winter and a tourist destination in the summer. But it is NOT a typical city. It's secluded, tucked into the mountains, quiet and extremely simple. I LOVE it.

I had ponies my entire life. It's been a bit of an adjustment, not needing to think about them all the time, but I have really settled into this "new" life. I am looking forward to summer and hiking all around my home, as well as the new things I am manifesting for myself and Handsome Hubby!

It's likely I won't post on here very often. However, when we are ready to make the next batch of KBikes I will announce that, email everyone on my wait list and then share when they are ready here. But, otherwise, it will probably be very quiet here.

If you have questions about ponies, driving, harness, carts, feeding ponies, etc please don't hesitate to reach out to me at I will do all I can to help! I am still more than happy to talk ponies and do most of each day all week long ;)

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