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Why the KBike?

Updated: May 10, 2022

I have been asked over and over:

Why the KBike?

So, let me explain:

To put it simply, the KBike is designed and built for the PONY. This bike is designed to make sure the pony has as much fun as the human.

The KBike has been designed to balance perfectly no matter how little or how tall the pony is. This bike will work with 28" minis all the way up to 48" ponies. You won't need wrap straps to help this bike balance.

Because this bike is so customizable you can adjust both the width and the LENGTH of the shafts to make it balance perfectly:

If you have a pony taller than 48" you need to shop for a sulky or a road cart for your trail driving pleasure! They are light weight and well balanced and built for the larger ponies and horses.

If being sure your pony is enjoying your drive as much as you are, then contact me to be put on the list for Made in the USA KBikes!!!

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